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Mindreader, Mentalist, Psychological Illusionist  – Lar is an Entertainer with an extraordinary set of skills. Originally from the UK but now residing in Florida (New Port Richey) Lar’s engaging and entertaining performance style makes him one of the sunshine state’s most sought after psychic entertainers.


Psychic phenomena such as Mindreading, Telepathy, ESP and Precognition have always held a certain fascination in the human psyche. Imagine if you could witness these phenomena first hand. Better still. imagine if you could EXPERIENCE them first hand for yourself.

In essence this is the premise of Lar’s show.



This is an up close and personal show, perfect for a dinner party or informal ‘mix and mingle’ gathering. The show runs approximately 60 minutes.



The full stage show is for larger audiences and ideal if you want to offer your guests something very different as part of the overall entertainment experience for your event. The show runs approximately 60 minutes.



The extended stage show is a two part show, each half running approximately 45 minutes, with an intermission in between. If you’re looking for an entire evening of incredible mind-reading entertainment the extended show fits the bill.



Transform your special occasion, be it a Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement or Birthday into an extraordinary event by providing your guests with a mind-boggling show from one of Florida’s top Mentalists.


Fund raising and charity events need something extra special to draw in the crowds, something people haven’t seen before. Lar’s amazing demonstrations of various psychic phenomena is the ultimate crowd pleaser.


If you have an awards banquet, company get together and wish to convey a key message to your employees then a customized show specific to your business goals is an excellent way to do just that.


“No, you won’t be seeing this headline on the 11:00 PM news but there were screams during his performance. Shouts of “How did he do that?” rang through the hall. For an audience that has seen some top notch performers in the past, the response was high praise indeed. Congrats Lar on giving us an entertaining evening.”

Jim Canaday –  The Magic Portal

“My wife and I attended Lar’s show in Tampa and we were absolutely thrilled. The show was fast paced and thoroughly entertaining. I’m completely stumped as to how he does what he does. If you want to catch a fun filled show that will amaze you then this gentleman from England is a must see!

Kennard Chandler – Bradenton

“Have seen Lar perform many times. It is always a mind blowing, entertaining good time. He incorporates his skill, sense of humor and personality to amaze and entertain you. I’d never seen a Mentalism show before but this was the best night out my wife and I have had in a long time – simply brilliant!”

Scott Jones – United Medical Supplies

“Had a great time at the Tampa Pitcher Show. It was so much fun to see the Mind-reader extraordinaire probe into peoples’ brains for the entertainment of the crowd. Would like to see another show for sure.”

Astrid Figueroa – Events Manager

“I would have him back again and again, so intriguing and entertaining. I have seen my share of talent in my life but not like this. Everything is done in the now, and right in front of you which makes it utterly amazing.”

Chris Ostrowski – MCC Life Brokerage

“Had a great time at the Tampa Pitcher Show. It was so much fun to see the Mind-reader extraordinaire probe into peoples’ brains for the entertainment of the crowd. Would like to see another show for sure.”

Chris McFadden – Trust Financial Group

“I have seen Lar’s stage performance and his close-up style of entertainment and both formats of Lar’s performance were absolutely captivating and thoroughly entertaining. His stage show was fresh, fast paced and the way he engaged the audience was superb. My husband and I have seen his stage shows twice now and I urge you to take the time to allow yourself to be taken on a very special journey by this brilliant entertainer.”

Beaner C

“Handsome, Charming, and a Spectaular performer!!! I have had the pleasure of seeing Lar in action on several different occasions… he never ceases to amaze not only myself, but the entire crowd. If you’re looking for an evening of fun, laughter, and wonderment… Go see one of his shows. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!”

Cathy Nordquist

“My sister and I went to see Lar and we were both totally mystified. His professional delivery and stage presence made the evening very enjoyable. Both my sister and I were called upon at different times to challenge Lar and each time we were blown away by his mind-reading powers. The audience was indeed captivated by this mysterious, suave Englishman with amazing talent. He is indeed EXTRAORDINARY!”

Diane Schwarz

“You will laugh, be enthralled and amazed as you leave wondering how Lar does it. Whether he is performing in a large venue or a small intimate one, he is very engaging with his audience and he brings a mystifying energy to his show. Lar is indeed a Mind Reader Extraordinaire.”

LettyAnn Felts

“I saw Lar perform at the Tampa Pitcher Show with some friends friends, and we had a great time!!! I was amazed at the amount of information he remembered and how he was able to “tune in” to what was going on inside people’s heads. He was thoroughly entertaining, with a touch of humor added to the mix, which made the evening even more fun. He’s really good at what he does! There was never a dull moment, and I will definitely go back to see another one of his shows!”

Tami Upton

“Lar performed a show for our nursing residents and he did some amazing things that shocked us all! More than that though, he was also very funny and had us all in stiches! I highly recommend Lar for any audience, young or old!”

Kerrie C


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